La Vaca Que Se Subió a un Árbol

La Vaca Que Se Subió a un Árbol by Gemma Merino tells the story of Tina, a young and curios cow who loves to explore her surroundings. Tina has big dreams and her dreams lead her to one day climb a tree, a feat her sisters thought was impossible. Once Tina reaches the top, she meets a new friend who might just be able to help her reach new heights.

This story was absolutely FANTASTICO! I adore everything from the colorful images to the wonderful moral behind the story. This is great for a toddler or family storytime as it could be a little long for some of our more tiny storytime goers.


La Vaca Que Se Subió a un Árbol escrito porGemma Merino cuenta la historia de Tina, una vaca joven y curiosa a la que le encanta explorar todo. Tina tiene grandes sueños y sus sueños la llevan a subir un día a un árbol, una hazaña que sus hermanas creían imposible. Cuando Tina llega a la cima, se encuentra con un nuevo amigo que quizás pueda ayudarla a alcanzar nuevas alturas.

¡Esta historia fue absolutamente FANTASTICO! Adoro todo, desde las  imágenes con tanto color hasta el maravilloso moraleja detrás del cuento. Esto es ideal para un niñito o un hora de cuentos familiar, ya que podría ser un poco largo para los más pequeños.


La Princesa and The Pea


La Princesa and the Pea by Susan Middleton Elya, illustrated by Juana Matinez-Neal, is an award winning picture book that is a great example of sprinkling Spanish throughout an English story. I am a big fan of Susan Middleton Elya’s picture books and I use them quite often in my bilingual storytimes. They are easy to follow and are great for focusing on Spanish vocabulary. This story gives a Latino twist to the classic “Princess and the Pea” tale by having it take place in Peru.

The influence of Peru art and culture can be clearly seen throughout the story through the bright textiles of the indigenous clothing that the characters wear. I really enjoyed reading this book as I find the art style quite captivating. There is also a handy glossary at the beginning of the story to help pronounce the Spanish words and a small excerpt at the end that talk about which villages in Peru inspired the look of the characters!

I recommend this book for a family or preschool storytime as it might be a little to long for some of our younger storytime goers.

You and Me/ Tú y yo


You and Me/ Tú y Yo, illustrated by Rachel Fuller and translated by Teresa Mlawer, tells the story of the bond between a new baby and their sibling. This is an easy to read, bilingual board book that is great for a bilingual baby/toddler storytime.

This story covers the excitement that comes with having a new baby brother or sister, along with the tough times that can be caused by sibling rivalry. It is not always sunshine and butterflies for these siblings and this book gives caregivers a good opportunity to discuss how to handle situations in which you and your sibling may not get along.

The illustrations are well done and have a crayon drawing feel to them. Overall I thought it was a very cute book and I think any parents with young children will appreciate its simple message.