Bilingual Storytime


Why Bilingual Storytime is Important?

Some quick info on why I believe that bilingual storytime is important and why you should start one at your library.

But What If I Am Not Bilingual?

Some tips for librarians who want to start a bilingual storytime, but are worried their language skills aren’t good enough. You don’t have to be bilingual to offer a bilingual storytime!

How Do I Present a Bilingual Storytime?

Not sure how to present a bilingual storytime? What qualifies as a bilingual storytime? This post covers the basic formats for bilingual storytime and also how to determine if your storytime is truly a bilingual storytime.

Resources for Bilingual Storytime

Bilingual Storytime Samples

Bilingual Storytime Sample 1

Bilingual Storytime Sample 2

Looking for Books for your Bilingual Storytime?

Check out my recommended books list.