About Me


Hi there! My name is Adilene (Addie) Estrada-Huerta. I am a librarian originally from the Bay Area but I currently work in Sacramento. I am Mexican-American and bilingual. I have dedicated the majority of my career to better serving Spanish speaking patrons by helping improve language collections, creating diverse programming and working on spreading cultural humility in librarianship. I am a firm believer that libraries have a great impact on the communities they serve if given the right tools and it is my hope that this blog will help spread the knowledge that I have gained working with my communities.

Why Did I Create This Blog?

I created this blog as a resource for librarians serving Spanish speaking communities and to share the successes (along with failures) that I have experienced in my career. I am always looking for better ways to serve the communities I work with and I love sharing ideas and insight. Librarianship is all about improving how we serve our patrons and I hope that this blog will help make it easier for some. Bilingual storytime was always something that I was passionate about. I have gathered a good amount of resources over the years and this blog is one of the ways to share what I have learned.

I love my job and I want to spread that passion. I hope this blog helps you, I hope you learn something new and I look forward to learning a few things myself.

Here are some articles and presentations I have made:

Cultural Humility in Librarianship: What is it?

CLA 2018 Presentation- Programming in Spanglish: Bilingual Programming from Baby to Tween

Bilingual Storytime Presenter’s Guide- Jbrary

Webinar: Now You’re Speaking My Language- How to create a successful bilingual storytime


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