¿Dónde está Oso?

20190724_172332.jpgI really enjoy books that have a twist and this book has a great one that will have all your kids freaking out at the end. ¿Dónde está oso? is about a little boy who is looking for his bear. The bear is hidden throughout the story so the kids will have a blast trying to find bear. There are great Spanish vocabulary words for household items used which are sure to expand the vocabulary of your little ones. There is also an English version of this book, so you can use it during your bilingual storytime with two people reading. 

Like most of the books I choose for storytime, the pictures in this book are big and bright. While bear is hidden in pretty much every page, he is still pretty easy to spot so the kids will have a lot of fun looking at all the pictures. 


What I love most about this book is the constant use of the phrase “¿Dónde está oso?” because the kids can easily repeat the phrase anytime it comes up. It is also simple enough for a younger storytime, but I recommend trying it with a crowd of kids who can really yell out “¿Dónde está oso?”

Author: TheLatinxLibrarian

Hey there! My name is Addie and I am a lover of books. I enjoy reading all kinds of books from YA literature to Shakespeare. I am a librarian in a public library. I am a huge fan of books that promote diversity and I enjoy learning about other cultures through the pages of a book. I am also a big fan of humor, sci-fi and crochet!

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