El Pequeño Pez Blanco Series

I love finding great bilingual books and this book really surprised me. It tells the story of a little fish trying to find his mom and while it can get a bit repetitive it does a great job of highlighting marine life and colors. The spanish words for marine life are great for teaching kids new Spanish vocabulary and they are sure to love being able to guess what marine animal they are going to see next.  I would recommend this book for a family or toddler storytime as it can be a little on the long side. The illustrations are big and colorful so it is a real attention grabber.

There are also a couple other books in this series that follow a similar format and are just as great.

    Image result for el pequeno pez blanco



Author: TheLatinxLibrarian

Hey there! My name is Addie and I am a lover of books. I enjoy reading all kinds of books from YA literature to Shakespeare. I am a librarian in a public library. I am a huge fan of books that promote diversity and I enjoy learning about other cultures through the pages of a book. I am also a big fan of humor, sci-fi and crochet!

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