Scarf Songs and Activities

Scarves are a great music and movement prop. Here are some of my favorite songs and activities to use them with. You can also just use them to practice simple Spanish vocabulary that focuses on movement or colors.


Tortillitas – For this one we pretend our scarves are tortillas by slapping them back and forth in our hands. I tell the kids we are going to make some for mom and dad then we say this little rhyme.

Tortillitas para mamá

Tortillitas para papá

Las calientitas para mamá

Las doraditas para papá


Arriba Abajo

by Victor Hugo Santos

Arriba, abajo,

A un lado, Al otro lado



Que llueva, que llueva,- This is a short version of a popular tradition Spanish song. You use the scarf while you mime out the movements of rain falling, a woman in a cave, birds flying and finally you drop the scarf to represent a downpour.

Que llueva, que llueva,

la vieja está en la cueva.

Los pajaritos cantan,

las nubes se levantan.

¡Que sí! ¡Que no!

¡Que caiga un chaparrón!


Este Pañuelo

Un día andando

yo me encontré

Este pañuelo,

que os enseñaré.

Yo lo muevo

Y aceleró

Me lo pongo de sombrero

Yo lo escondo

Y lo extiendo

Y así se acaba el cuento

Un abrazo Anto!


Muevo mis Pañuelos – This is an awesome song that is really easy to follow along with. 


Pañuelo de colores

Rojo amarillo verde y azul

Rojo amarillo verde y azul


Para arriba se van

Para arriba se van

Para arriba se van los pañuelos

Para arriba se van

Para arriba se van

Para arriba se van los pañuelos

Para Arriba se van, se van


¿Dónde estás? ¿Dónde estás? ¿Dime dónde estás?

¿Dónde estás? ¿Dónde estás? ¿Dime dónde estás?

Aquí estas, ya te vi, debes sonreír


Congelado- Another great song that is short and easy to follow along with. 

Author: TheLatinxLibrarian

Hey there! My name is Addie and I am a lover of books. I enjoy reading all kinds of books from YA literature to Shakespeare. I am a librarian in a public library. I am a huge fan of books that promote diversity and I enjoy learning about other cultures through the pages of a book. I am also a big fan of humor, sci-fi and crochet!

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  1. I’m planning story times for Hispanic Heritage month and I’m adding the tortilla scarf rhyme for sure. I’ve had a hard time finding transitioning activities for a bilingual story time so I’m super excited to have found.


    1. That’s awesome I am also doing a special bilingual storytime for HHM. I will do a post soon with some ideas to use for that month.

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