La Vaca Que Se Subió a un Árbol

La Vaca Que Se Subió a un Árbol by Gemma Merino tells the story of Tina, a young and curios cow who loves to explore her surroundings. Tina has big dreams and her dreams lead her to one day climb a tree, a feat her sisters thought was impossible. Once Tina reaches the top, she meets a new friend who might just be able to help her reach new heights.

This story was absolutely FANTASTICO! I adore everything from the colorful images to the wonderful moral behind the story. This is great for a toddler or family storytime as it could be a little long for some of our more tiny storytime goers. This book is also available in English so it is perfect for a two-person bilingual storytime.


Author: TheLatinxLibrarian

Hey there! My name is Addie and I am a lover of books. I enjoy reading all kinds of books from YA literature to Shakespeare. I am a librarian in a public library. I am a huge fan of books that promote diversity and I enjoy learning about other cultures through the pages of a book. I am also a big fan of humor, sci-fi and crochet!

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